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NAU Exhibit
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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tucson Gem and Mineral

Coming soon in the Artists Gallery will be new art pieces that incorporate many of the "gem" and "minerals" I purchased this weekend at the JOGS. Agate slices, amber, fresh water pearls, red coral, and natural cut stones. You heard it here first. Pictures forthcoming.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

February Classes in Flagstaff

If you are in the Flagstaff area I am teaching some fun classes at the fantastic, local scrap booking shop. About Memories and More not only offers great scrap booking activities but folks like me can teach fun classes. This month come and check out Heart and Washi paper pendants.

A Valentine PMC Heart by Teva Chaffin

A Simple Heart - Just in Time for Valentine's! This is not my design but from a PMCC Senior Instructor; Teva Chaffin. Enjoy.

"Make this simple heart just in time for Valentine's Day with two snake coils, a straw, and some paste.

This pendant is a floating heart, made in about 15 minutes. The design can be simple - or add a little bling with cubic zirconia!

The pendant size is determined by the length of your snake coils. Roll two snake coils of approximately the same thickness. Spritz with water - this helps to keep coils from cracking or drying while shaping into a heart. Spritzing may make things a little messy, but also much more workable.

Begin on the right side of the heart at the bottom point. Working counter-clockwise, shape the snake coil around the straw as shown in the illustration. Use paste to join the ends of the coil at the bottom point of the heart.

Once the first coil is shaped around the straw, begin adding the second coil, adding paste or water as necessary to hold the two together. The design idea is to make it appear as two hearts within one. Be sure to use my favorite tool, the clay shaper, to snug the second snake coil against the first.

Dry, sand, and touch up any gaps. After all touch-ups are completed and dried, it is ready to fire. The finished pendant should look just as beautiful from the back as it does from the front.

As you can see, this design can be simple or complex. You can have a simple floating heart or you can add a couple of cubic zirconia stones set in an additional coil inside the heart at the point. (Reminder: never quench CZ stones.)"

Happy Creating.
Teva Chaffin, Senior Instructor

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

About my stuff....

Organic Glass Creations

All head glass is hand selected at the Kokomo glass factory. In most cases the glass is hand mixed and created at Kokomo glass factory. Each piece is matched to roundels or agate slices for maximum beauty and one-or-a-kind glass art symmetry.
The glass roundels are made in Flagstaff, Arizona at Fire On the Mountain Gallery. The pieces are custom made and matched by the artist, Sonja London-Hall.
Accent items:
Sticks: the sticks are actual hard wood samples and are hand selected to correspond with the glass art being created. Although a structural component of the piece, do not pick up the art BY the stick. Total time spent on each stick varies, depending on the size of the stick. An average 12 stick takes between 2 and 4 hours to prepare and mount.
Agates: agates are made by Mother Nature and are naturally brown, tan, and opal/cream in color. Agates that have a tint have been color soaked. Tinted agates that are left in direct sunlight will fade over time but retain their natural, crystalline beauty. Agates must be heat tempered and handled carefully in the soldering process.
Glass Gems: gems are colored, round accent pieces of glass. If used, they are selected to enhance the overall artistic balance of the piece.
Copper ingots: pieces of copper in the form of an ingot may be integrated into the art form of a piece. If used, the ingots come from the Morenci, Arizona copper mine and are part of the purity testing of copper batches (thus the drill holes). The copper ingots are 99.98% pure copper.
Foiling: copper foil overlay is used to accent many glass art pieces. It is a process of overlaying and then soldering copper foil onto glass. Copper foil overlay can take on many varied accent forms.
Edge material: the edge material of each glass piece is structural. Silver toned edge on the large pieces is zinc. Copper toned edge material is actual copper plated zinc and is a very expensive material, varying with the price of copper at the time of purchase. Each bent or curved frame takes between 30 minutes to an hour to form without twisting or torque-ing the normally straight form of the channels.
All glass art is carefully pondered, balanced, and thoughtfully put together as a one of a kind piece. If you desire a certificate of authenticity for your purchase, please send your name and address to the artist. A certificate will be mailed to you.
PMC: Precious Metal Clay (PMC) is a revolutionary material in the jewelry world developed by Mitsubishi Materials. The ingredients are micro-particles of pure silver, copper, bronze, or pure gold suspended in binder referenced as "clay." The binder consists of water and organic plant-based materials which feels like a soft clay to the touch. The binder or "clay" is inert and non-toxic in both its raw and fired form. Once it is in it's solid metal state, the silver can be hallmarked as .999 pure and the gold as 18 or 24k.

All glass is copyright protected and may not be reproduced or photographed without express, written permission from the artist. (C) Sonja London-Hall 2006

If you are interested in making a custom order contact me at